Standoffs staninlessETTINGER GmbH is your partner for manufacture and distribution of high quality standoffs made of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other materials.

Standoffs, also called distance bolts, are used to hold or fix components such as electronic circuit boards apart. Standoffs are mainly manufactured from hexagonal bars to simplify assembly. There is no specific industry standard for standoffs. ETTINGER produces standoffs using cam-controlled automatic lathes and CNC lathes.

We count prestigious large corporations and their suppliers among our customers as well as medium-sized and small manufacturers across the whole of Europe. We are constantly expanding our global delivery capacity. Many years of experience in manufacturing standoffs prompted us to set up an effective quality management system – which is responsive to specific customer requirements. We measure effectiveness and efficiency continuously and test and expand manufacturing concepts to satisfy your requirements. We meet your expectations from offer to delivery. ETTINGER stocks a very wide variety of standoffs. As well as standard versions we have self tapping standoffs, reducing standoffs and hinged standoffs available. We have standoffs and of many types in stock and immediately available in large quantities. Outstanding precision.

We supply the following industry sectors with our precision turned parts:

• ElectronicsStandoffs manufacturing
• Engineering
• Medical technology
• Measurement engineering
• Automotive sector and industry
• Sensor technology
• Environmental and solar technology

Our product range includes a large variety of standard design standoffs and spacers, as well as a large section for special parts and parts as per drawing. As you would expect we also have the expertise for large series production.

Standoffs are on offer with different threads such as male/female or female/female threads and are used in transformers and other devices, measurement technology or switchgear cabinets for example. Depending on the application they are made of brass, aluminum, plastic, steel or stainless steel.

Stainless steel standoffs

These standoffs are ideal for corrosion-prone environments. They are not affected by fluctuating temperatures, condensation or aggressive cleaning agents. And these are also the best products you will find for applications like medical technology, food production and any other area demanding top quality materials. We have been producing stainless steel standoffs for over 45 years!

An overview of our services:

● Surface finishing: passivation in blue, black or yellow as required (Chromium 3 – RoHS compliant) and many more optionsStandoffs
● Production of custom round metal spacers with external diameters of 4.5mm to 14mm
● Reworking screws brought in by customers
● Screw locking on request
● Production of metric female threads and self tapping male threads

It goes without saying that all of our standoffs comply with RoHS guidelines having chromium 6 free plating (with exceptions made on request).

Our standard range includes:

Standoff B type with male/female thread:

Standoff female / male   Standoff female / male thread        Material: steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, plastic

Standoff A type with female/female thread:

Standoff female / female   Standoff female / female thread  Material: steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, plastic