Independently minded family business:
Relationships that last.

We don't see business relationships with our customers and suppliers as a short-term process or one-off event.

Instead, we strive for cooperation characterized by continuity and competence. Respectful conduct, trust, and reliability at all levels are what define an excellent, well-functioning business relationship.

As an independent family business, we are your reliable partner. We operate on our own premises and are not dependent on lenders. You don't need to worry about changes being made at short notice to our business strategy or company philosophy. We've been ensuring that this has been the case for over 50 years.

To make ETTINGER first choice – that is our goal as your reliable partner for electronic and mechanical components. Absolute ability to deliver, maximum reliability, and perfect quality are what drive us. As a financially independent family business, we focus on our proven strengths and are able to explore new pathways with our customers thanks to our wide, customer-oriented product portfolio, customer-specific production approach, and cooperation based on partnership in all areas. Our strong team spirit, commitment, and motivation spur us on to achieve our common vision – to be first choice by being a strong, reliable, and long-term partner for C-part management.