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With the SMD coin cell holder 015.61.423 from ETTINGER, you can mount the battery on your PCB perfectly thanks to surface-mount technology.
ETTINGER’s screws with TUFLOK© coat are a reliable and cost-efficient product for securing and sealing screw connections.
One order is all it takes to get hold of everything you need. ETTINGER delivers the 029.08.088 steel round handle complete with mounting materials as standard.
Just install, thread, tighten, and lock! These cable tie mounts from ETTINGER are a quick and easy way to get your cables organized.
This year, we will present our precision parts made in Bavaria for the first time at the ETTINGER booth B2-517.
With such a large variety of insulating bushings available in the ETTINGER range, finding exactly the right insulation for your needs is a breeze.
With metal spacers from ETTINGER, maintaining space is easier than ever!
Dowel pins from ETTINGER let you connect workpieces with positive locking in the radial direction of the fastening elements.
Looking for a sturdy screw that provides the reliability you need even under exacting structural conditions?
Do you need a clearer view of your electrical installation? The BELTO® cable tie saves space with its flat head and provides a safe and simple way to keep cables organized.
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