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As we move toward spring and away from the drab colors of winter, we would like to tell you about a new product from our brand manufacturer SES-Sterling that is available in the ETTINGER...
Now, our new API portal is here to give you all the information you need to know from ETTINGER in a convenient, real-time format.
Plastic circuit board supports are fasteners that are frequently used in the electronics industry as a quick and easy way of connecting two circuit boards.
We’re dropping our prices on plastic standoffs and spacers by 6–8%.
Insulation standoffs are components that provide electrical insulation and mechanical stability in a range of applications.
As its name suggests, the “Zero” Height SMT threaded insert has a low profile height and therefore takes up very little space on the PCB.
10% discount on all ETTINGER webshop orders until the end of 2023!
Whether you need to precisely adjust machine elements, adapt equipment, or carry out fine tuning, the collet knob from OKW gives you full control.
Short delivery times are back for ETTINGER turned parts from our in-house production facilities in Munich
The self-adhesive aluminum cable mount is a practical and versatile solution for mounting cables, lines, and even small plastic tubes efficiently and fastening them in the required position.
Pan-head screws feature a flat head whose design allows it to rest evenly against the workpiece.
Find the best screw for your application. We have revised and expanded our range of screws for you.
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