Hinged Standoffs


ETTINGER GmbH is your partner for the manufacture and distribution of high-quality hinged standoffs made of steel or brass.

Hinged standoffs are pivoted fasteners for many electronic applications. They are used to hold components such as electronic circuit boards apart while at the same time enabling access to them by means of a hinge. This means that several boards or modules can be accessibly arranged one above the other without them touching, enabling tests to be carried out on printed circuit boards, terminal boards, etc. at an angle of your choice. The hinged standoffs are manufactured from hexagonal bars to simplify assembly.

Keep things flexible ... with hinged standoffs from ettinger.de

Our product range includes a large variety of standard design hinged standoffs, as well as a large choice of customized parts and parts as per drawing. As you would expect we also have the expertise for large series production.

We offer hinged standoffs with different threads such as male/female, female/female, and male/maleconfigurations, which are used in transformers and other devices, measurement technology, and switchgear cabinets, for example. Depending on the application, they are made of brass or steel.

It goes without saying that all of our hinged standoffs comply with RoHS guidelines having chromium 6 free plating (with exceptions made on request).

Available in the standard range:

Hinged standoff B type with female / male thread

     Material: brass

Hinged standoff A type with female / female thread

     Material: steel, brass

Hinged standoff C type with male / male thread

     Material: brass